Essay Sample: The Arguments For and Against Modern Advertising Methods


essay sampleEvery day people turn on their TV and watch a lot of advertisements. There is no way to avoid them. The main aim of such advertisements is to make us buy the goods we never need. The modern methods of advertising used by sellers are quite creative and sometimes even can be impudent. Let’s try to understand what advantages and disadvantages they have.

Speaking about pros, modern methods of advertising are informative enough. While watching some adverts a buyer can figure out the benefits that this exact product will give him. There is no need to google the characteristics or call your friends – all the necessary information is on a screen. Moreover, a lot of modern advertisements also allow person to get help for choosing the most appropriate variant online at home. For example, in the USSR it was the problem many years ago when people were able to purchase the goods produced only by the exact national company. A wide range of different products is available now. There are goods of high and low prices and qualities and it’s up to a person what to choose. Modern adverts are interesting to watch, sometimes they are similar to short movies. The picture is always colorful and pleasant. It is the last of their advantages.

The cons of modern advertising methods are connected with subjectiveness. Sellers often speak about the advantages of their products to set the higher sales. They don’t consider it necessary to tell their buyers about the weak points and sometimes it misleads people. As a result, people are disinformed and they can be very disappointed after buying some goods. Moreover, such an approach includes a lot of loud and baseless slogans that catch and focus buyers’ attention on the definite qualities. You don’t have an opportunity even to think because the modern methods of advertising are quite fast and dynamic. It can be a few pictures that will be shown in 20 seconds. However, they are catchy and remarkable, and it makes you buy something unconsciously.

To conclude, I’d like to say that modern advertising methods are full of disadvantages and advantages. In any case, a person should think twice before buying something.

Let your logic overcome your TV.