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Outstanding Personal Statement Help from Writing to Editing

Personal statement is the document that students typically should submit with their admission application. The scope of use is not limited to this purpose only. Applications to post-graduate programs, vocational training, residency etc. may require this kind of personal statement essay too. Quite short (mainly about 500 or 1,000 words), the personal statement letter requires special skills to be completed successfully.


The purpose of cover letter or personal statement can be described as providing an overview of an author, which is an applicant. Universities, colleges and employers need your personal statement in addition to your CV in order to better understand what you think about yourself and the organization you are applying to, your vision of your career prospects etc. Also, they expect to reveal some facts about your personality which cannot be found in your CV.

With that in mind, an applicant, when writing their personal statement, should focus on providing this auxiliary information. It may include, not limited to, describing their interest in the subject matter and where the interest comes from, listing their previous achievements (not just academic or vocational but also in other domains or activities), providing evidence why they are the best candidate and what advantages they have over their peers, etc. Showing your motivation to join the university or company you are applying to is one of the most important ideas behind this type of admission document, as motivation often beats the background, which is provided in an applicant’s CV.

That said, consider a good personal statement as your ultimate chance to promote yourself and win the contest even if you have to compete against contenders possessing extensive knowledge and skills. To achieve the goal, feel free to provide any evidence you believe helpful. Show that you have a wide scope of interests, which is not limited to a selected study domain or vocation only. Remember that, most of the time, academic institutions and businesses will prefer an all-round person to a boring wiseacre. Remember the following personal statement prompts to create a highly competitive personal statement.


Applying to a college or university is probably the first thing coming to your mind when it comes to such task as a personal statement, and for a reason. If you are going to be a higher-school student, accept an attitude that this task is not just another tedious requirement set by your chosen University but rather your extra opportunity to succeed. Knowing exactly how to deal with the task will help you progress fast and finish with an amazing personal statement that you can submit with confidence. Here are some personal statement questions to keep in mind:

  • Thorough preparation.

An academic personal statement is not a paper that can be composed in a single sitting. Instead, collect your thoughts over a period of time prior to getting down to writing. Consider how the task is important for your future life, so no relevant detail should be overlooked. To avoid rushing, don’t procrastinate; it is always preferable to have some time leeway.

  • Keep your personal statement realistic.

The best way to generate a professional personal statement is to describe real facts from your own life rather than to try to pretend and provide imaginary data. Remember that an admission officer is an experienced person who reads a great number of statements, so they will likely be able to distinguish between truth and fiction. Being honest will make your paper more persuasive.

  • Make sure your language is good.

This advice is of primary importance for applicants who are not native English speakers. Keep the vocabulary and style of your personal statement simple and relevant, overcome the temptation to cram it with ‘smart’ words, as this will only make perception more difficult. If you cannot do it yourself, seek help from a native speaker in personal statement writing service.

  • Show why you are different.

Remember that, to be selected, you have to stand out from the mass. Showing your advantages is what you should focus on in your personal statement. Describe what makes you different and why. Maybe you never believed you were special; still, everyone has something to boast with. Finding such facts out is another reason why you should take your time to collect evidence before writing. It is a good idea to ask your friends and family about your advantageous traits. Present yourself from a favorable perspective but avoid boasting too much.

  • Make a dedicated paper.

One egregious blunder made by many applicants is producing a standard, or even template-based, personal statement and submitting it to multiple colleges or universities. You will have a clear advantage over them if you come up with separate papers for each academic institution and study program. Make your admission officer notice this dedication.

  • Stay concise and specific.

Remember that personal statement for university should be only about one page long. This requirement further highlights the importance of thorough preparation. You have to provide the maximum amount of relevant content within a limited number of words. Remember that any diluted sentences not only eat the available space but also are boring to read and deteriorate the reader experience. Another important consideration is that your ability to follow requirements and transform your thoughts into relevant statements is as important as the content itself. This is one of hidden criteria that admission officers typically take into account.

  • Avoid being banal.

This advice is in line with previous ones: you, as an author, should avoid using template papers widely offered online. Just like the form, your language is to be free from clichés too. Remember that a phrase you may consider ‘beautiful’ can be actually annoying, as it is encountered in every second paper your admission officer has to read. Obviously, this will not help you stand out from the mass.

  • Re-read the personal statement once finished.

It is a good idea to read your written high school personal statement aloud to understand how fluent your speech is. This is important because a text which is difficult to read cannot succeed and unlikely will be read to the end. Smooth problem places out and correct any errors you may find.

  • Add a strong conclusion.

Conclusion is the final section of your paper writing a good personal statement for a job and your last chance to impress your audience. As such, it should be strong and memorable enough. Summarize what you have described in respect to your advantages and motivation and tell how the selected program can change your entire life. Avoid providing additional facts here. Instead, make sure your reader is left persuaded that you are the right candidate to choose. Simply put, the conclusion is all about the final impression of your personal qualities and fulfillment plans.

The above personal statement guide shows the way an applicant should go to succeed with their paper. Rather easy to follow, these proven tips are very important. Once again, the main idea behind making an application essay that works is being uncommon and having under your belt something that your competitors lack. This creative process actually involves three mandatory stages, namely preparation, writing and editing.

Unfortunately, real-life circumstances often are far from being ideal and favorable for working without any fuss. This is when having a professional and experienced assistance is helpful. One good option worth considering is contacting an online personal statement writing service. This approach offers multiple clear benefits. For example, no matter how short your deadline is, you can always expect to get a high-quality paper in time. Given the proficiency level of authors hired, you may rest assured that there will be no problems with paper quality too. And the best thing is that you will receive a really outstanding personal statement, for example, for graduate school, reflecting your personality rather than just a customized version of a template work.

That said, this is a safe and reliable way to go for everyone, particularly those struggling with a short deadline, English grammar or finding out their own advantages.


While personal statement is a common assignment, there are specific requirements associated with each college or university. This means to succeed, a prospect student has not only to understand general principles of composing such a paper according to high quality standards but also to be able to comply with rules set by an admission committee. Being aware of potential pitfalls and hidden assessment criteria can make the writing process much easier, more productive and more rewarding in the end.

For example, in their personal statement, applicants often focus solely on their academic performance and vocational skills. This is a big mistake. While of primary importance, this kind of information is not 100% sufficient though. Your grades and exam results can be found in other documents submitted to support you application, so you don’t need to duplicate the data. Instead, shift the emphasis towards such less factual things as your motivation and how much you appreciate the institution of your choice.

Please note also that providing just a series of figures and dates is a quite boring reading matter. On the other hand, the purpose of the paper under discussion is giving an applicant a chance to catch the reader and be memorable. To achieve the goal, consider reporting your background in the form of a story, breathtaking yet true. This literary technique is good when it is necessary to keep the audience engaged to the very end. Using this tactics, avoid fiction. You should remain yourself anyways. Taletellers are not the right candidates to be selected. So a rule of thumb to follow is putting true information in a catching way.

Use the following question as a benchmark: Would this kind of story be interesting to me if I were a reader? If the answer is ‘No’, you are moving in the wrong direction, start anew while you have some time. Your story is not to be about something unbelievable, so don’t be shy to just sport your real small achievements.


Writing a personal statement has its specifics depending on the kind of educational institution or program you apply to. This makes learning to write a good statement more difficult. Also, if an applicant is going to send their bundle of documents to multiple colleges or universities, they will need to compose a separate personal statement for each case even when applying to similar academic programs. Trying to customize a single paper is a bad idea. Instead, write each personal statement from scratch and with a particular establishment and program in mind.

Being specific is what can make the difference between a mediocre; template-based personal statements and the one that succeeds. Every college expects you to give proper credit to its history and achievements, so they will select candidates based on this criterion as well. So learn some relevant facts related to a particular organization and its alumni and make them understand your choice has been a fruit of thorough deliberation.

Writing a personal letter for a higher school does not mean that you are expected to use complicated, abstruse language to deliver your thoughts. In this respect, writing for a PhD degree is no different from writing for another purpose. Keep it simple to make your text as easy-to-read as possible. Clear, concise sentences provide a great tool to achieve this. Your ultimate goal is to make your admission officer read your paper to the very end and remember a couple of facts about you. For this end, re-read the personal statement you have just composed to make sure it flows seamlessly. If not, reading can be a kind of torture that not every officer will be willing to bear. As a result, your paper can be put aside without much hesitation, and your arguments born with so much pain will remain unappreciated.

To be on the safe side, it is a good idea to present your paper to your family or friends prior to submitting it. As an impartial audience, they will be able to assess whether your style and content are really good and relevant and how engaging your story is. Obviously, to have a time leeway to revise your work if something goes wrong, the right approach is to make your personal statement beforehand rather than postpone the job to the last day.

The specifics of a personal essay for MBA are that you will likely have to defend it during an interview by answering some related questions. So be prepared to provide more details on every statement made in the paper.

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While shorter than many other types of academic assignments, a personal statement has more important implications because it is written at such life-changing steps as choosing a vocation or entering a Master’s program. Personal statements are never published in industry or academic journals, so they cannot make their author famous. Still, their importance can hardly be overestimated.

That is why this is a highly stressful task for many, specifically prospect students who do it for the first time. Along with investing time and energy, the activity requires the ability to define accurately your own strengths and drawbacks. You will also need some imagination but avoid overdoing in this regard to keep your statements true.

Along with that, there are special requirements set by a particular admission committee. Applicants have to know and follow them; failure to comply with such requirements will immediately result in rejection of your application no matter how brilliant the content of your personal statement is.

Another pitfall to watch for is grammar. Specifically, foreign applicants may struggle with choosing the right vocabulary and proofreading their works for grammatical errors and typos. This is a major factor, which can deteriorate the reader experience or totally destroy your work. Involving your classmates or family is hardly a worthwhile option in this case. Trying to customize a template personal essay is an even worse idea.

The good news is that there is a safe and secure solution out there that anyone can take advantage of. We mean requesting help with writing a personal statement. Hiring a writer via the Internet is a preferable approach for many reasons.

First, our professional personal statement writers will create a good statement written from scratch just for you and based on specific requirements you provide. This means that your paper will strike an admission officer with its originality rather than with popular clichés.

Possessing wide experience in academic writing, our writers know the specifics of this type of assignment and what it is about. So you may rest assured that the brief text you receive describes all relevant traits of your personality to present you in a favorable light.

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